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Home Page
This is the Main page and has links to every other page on the site. The YouTube player has some great videos to watch.

Mission Statement Page
This page holds our main core beliefs on this page

Bible References Page
This page contains special verses from the Word that are close to our hearts about the 'One New Man'

Worship Songs that we cherish and are working on (and some of our own songs coming soon) are on this page organized by worship artist. YouTube songs are used here which you can have on at anytime.

This page has many great links to articles that we have found over the years! Watch them! Follow those links!

New Books and Articles will be appearing on this page! Follow the links!

New articles and perspectives from our Team will appear on this page about One New Man and other topics.

This page
, holds links to shows we watch such as news shows, Bible tools, etc... take some time because there's lots of good links to explore!